Chicago White Sox: 3 players to pair with Craig Kimbrel in a trade

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Chicago White Sox, Jared Kelley
Refugio baseball pitcher Jared Kelley /

Jared Kelley

The Chicago White Sox could trade Jared Kelley before he reaches MLB.

The Chicago White Sox has a lot of great pitching at the MLB level. They also have some really good pitching at the AAA level but most of their top pitching prospects are lower than AAA right now. One of those players is Jared Kelley. He was the team’s second-round pick in 2020.

There were people that believed that Kelley would be a first-round pick over Garrett Crochet if the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t ruin his high school season. Regardless of what happened, nobody can change it now and Kelley is where he is. He throws extremely hard and could be developed into a very good baseball player.

Based on his talent and draft status, he is probably someone who would be attractive as a trade chip. It might be hard for the White Sox to trade this kid right now as he could turn into something great but winning now is their number one priority. Kelley won’t be helping the 2022 or 2023 White Sox win games.

Moving him with Kimbrel could be worth it, depending on the return. A team that needs Kimbrel would also be adding a young piece to the farm system. For the White Sox, getting a good MLB piece that fills a hole might be worth sending Kelley with Kimbrel.