Chicago White Sox: 3 players to pair with Craig Kimbrel in a trade

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Chicago White Sox, Zack Collins
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Zack Collins

The Chicago White Sox might be smart to give Zack Collins a change of scenery.

The Chicago White Sox would be smart if they added someone to be Yasmani Grandal’s backup for 2022 and potentially beyond. Unfortunately, it is clear that neither Zack Collins nor Seby Zavala are the guy in the long term. Each of them has moments where they are brilliant but are clearly not the best options going forward over a long period of time.

In the case of Zack Collins, he might still have some value on the trade market. He was a former first-round pick that once had extremely high potential. Unfortunately, he never really managed to break out in Major League Baseball. He just might simply need a change of scenery.

The White Sox might be smart to try and tie him to a Craig Kimbrel trade. That might not make the return more valuable than some of the other options but it would be better than nothing. It would also do Collins a favor as he might get more opportunities with another organization. Yasmani Grandal is the catcher of the present for the White Sox and they need a more consistent backup while their championship window is open.

The White Sox may or may not trade Craig Kimbrel but it sounds more like they will. If it happens before tonight’s pending lockout, you can only hope that they get a good return because of the time crunch. If it comes after, which could take a really long time, then it is a lot harder to predict. Hopefully, regardless of what happens, the decision helps the White Sox.

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