Chicago White Sox: This NL team would be perfect for Carlos Rodon

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The Chicago White Sox are in a weird spot. They didn’t give Carlos Rodon a qualifying offer and he is now free to sign with any team in Major League Baseball. With the year that he had in 2021, it is fair to assume that he is going to get a fairly lucrative deal on the market. Scott Boras is also his player agent which should mean that he has a fair amount of money coming his way.

There are a lot of teams that are going to try and pay well in order to acquire the services of Rodon. There are a lot of different teams that would make great fits and almost every team in the league could use at least one more elite starter. Carlos Rodon would be an upgrade over most pitchers.

One team that has been very active lately makes a lot of sense for Rodon. It might not be said a week ago but now it is clear that he would be a fantastic fit on the New York Mets. Going there would probably pay him well and he would be a part of a fantastic rotation.

The New York Mets already had Jacob de Grom who is the best pitcher in Major League Baseball. He has won multiple Cy Young Awards and is very clearly unmatched when it comes to pitching over the last half-decade or so.

One of the maybe five or six pitchers that have even been in that conversation recently is Max Scherzer. Even at 37 years old, he is also one of the very best pitchers on planet earth. He has also won multiple Cy Youngs, including a third-place finish this year. Earlier in the week, he signed a three-year deal with the Mets. 

Carlos Rodon would make a great fit with the New York Mets in 2022 and beyond.

Now, the Mets have the best 1-2 punch in an MLB rotation with deGrom and Scherzer. It would be really hard to beat them in a playoff series with those two at the front of a rotation. Now, imagine a healthy Carlos Rodon as the number three. If he is able to repeat what he did in 2021, that would make their elite top of the rotation even better.

In 2021, Rodon had a comeback year. The White Sox didn’t bring him back at first but then decided to take a chance late in the offseason. He rewarded them with a Cy Young level season. He showed why he was a high draft pick because he was healthy and used his magnificent stuff to his advantage.

If it can’t be the White Sox, which is probably still on the table, then the Mets would be a great fit. They have a chance to be a very good team that competes hard in the NL East Division. With Rodon as their number three behind de Grom and Scherzer, it could be the best all-around rotation in baseball.

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