The MLB lockout is not very good for the Chicago White Sox

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Major League Baseball is officially dealing with a lockout. It is once again a lockout during a time where the Chicago White Sox believe they are good enough to win the World Series. This is horrible news for the league as a whole but it could be especially bad for the Chicago White Sox. They better hope that they settle this dispute in somewhat short order.

The Chicago White Sox simply do not want to lose any games from the 2022 season. They are going to be a very good team but they need as many reps as possible. They are very young so playing as much as possible is very important.

A lockout causing there to be any missed games is pretty extreme though. There are four months for Major League Baseball and the Player’s Association to figure this thing out. That doesn’t mean that this will be anything but bad for the White Sox or anyone in the league though. Most people don’t enjoy hearing millionaires and billionaires argue about (mostly) money-related things.

If you’re the White Sox, you haven’t been very active in free agency yet. Now that the league is locked out, they can’t negotiate with any of them anymore until there is a resolution. That is also extra bad for the White Sox because they are a step away from the World Series but need to make a few more additions.

The MLB lockout hurts the Chicago White Sox and Major League Baseball as a whole.

If they have to wait until the lockout ends, nobody really knows what the effects of the new CBA might be. It is just a really tough spot to be in right now for a team looking to take the next step. Hopefully, this gets resolved as soon as possible so they have time between that and the new season.

While the league is at odds, there is another big problem. The coaches and players are not allowed to communicate with one another. If this thing lasts a whole offseason, that could be horrid for certain players on the team.

Thinking about Michael Kopech, Garrett Crochet, and Dylan Cease amongst others not having access to Ethan Katz is literally nightmare fuel. Offseason prep could go a long way in helping certain players take big steps in the upcoming year.

It is also just bad for the league in terms of perception. Baseball is so sweet and people are loving it more now than ever. The reigning AL MVP (by unanimous decision) was someone named Shohei Ohtani who was an elite pitcher and an elite hitter which is something we haven’t seen in 100 years. Taking that away for any amount of time would be a disaster.

There are also electrifying players like Fernando Tatis Jr., Juan Soto, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Bryce Harper to name a few. Oh, and there are some awesome White Sox players like Tim Anderson, Jose Abreu, and Luis Robert to name a few. This is just disgusting to watch as a baseball fan and we can only hope they figure it out soon.

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