The Chicago White Sox have plenty to wish for during the offseason

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox are an impressive team right now. Not a lot of people will admit it because the eventual American League champion Houston Astros smoked them in the postseason. However, the fact of the matter is that they won 93 games and a division title in a year where multiple consequential players missed multiple months of time.

When you don’t win the World Series, however, there is room for improvement. Hey, even if you win the World Series, you can improve. The White Sox are no different. There should be a lot of things that Rick Hahn and his staff address during the offseason.

The league is locked out right now because the collective bargaining agreement expired. It might get nasty before they come back but they will eventually come back. That is the first big wish of the offseason. The White Sox can’t improve their chances of being successful if there is no season. We have seen this movie before in the MLB and the White Sox suffered once already.

Once that first wish is addressed, the rest of the wishes come on the field. The next wish is that they address the second base position. They traded Nick Madrigal away and Cesar Hernandez didn’t work out. Now, they can either trade for one or sign one in free agency when baseball returns.

The other big one is right field. They have a lot of platoon-level players in the mix but it would be better to see them find someone who can play the position on a full-time basis. If they do that, the lineup 1-9 will be much better off. It should also elevate the bench as they are put in better positions to succeed.

The last wish is for them to add more pitching. They may trade Craig Kimbrel and Michael Kopech is on his way to the starting rotation. They already added Kendall Graveman to the bullpen which should really help them. Whether Kimbrel is there or not, the bullpen will be really good but it could use one more good arm.

Another starter would help as well. Kopech will be featured for sure with Lucas Giolito, Lance Lynn, and Dylan Cease. If they don’t add another one, Dallas Keuchel or Reynaldo Lopez are options as well but you would like to see them find more of a sure thing.

The Chicago White Sox are a great team that has a chance to be even better.

This is a very good baseball team. We also now know how passionate the fanbase can be. It was a sleeping giant before they got good and the blackout game in the postseason showed the world what the south side of Chicago is made of. Hopefully, some of these wishes are granted before February.

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