Yoan Moncada needs to bat second for Chicago White Sox

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(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox has loads of good players. Each and every one of them brings a lot of skills to the table. One of the most polarizing ones is Yoan Moncada. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on this guy and what he brings to the table.

The eye test tells you that he doesn’t have enough power to be considered a superstar but all of the numbers suggest that he is better than a superstar. The fact of the matter is that a lot of teams would line up to pay Moncada loads of money.

This is a White Sox organization that is stacked right now. There are above-average players at every position. Moncada fits right in with those guys. In the field, he is elite. Gold Gloves are hard to win at third base because there are so many great ones but he is always going to be in the mix.

As far as offense, that is where the debate truly lies when it comes to Moncada. His placement in the batting order is certainly something that is important for the White Sox to worry about right now. He fits in a lot of different slots nicely but there is one place that feels best for him on this current team and that is second in the order.

There is one spot in the batting order where Yoan Moncada fits in perfectly.

Of course, Tim Anderson is the leadoff guy. He will bat first in every game that he plays for the White Sox. All of the stats show a major difference (in a positive way) when Anderson gets a hit in his first at-bat. It isn’t even just that first at-bat either as he sets the tone for the team every way.

Moncada coming right after him is perfect with players like Eloy Jimenez, Jose Abreu, Yasmani Grandal, and Luis Robert to follow. Those guys all have more power than Moncada but he is more of an all-around hitter. His on-base ability following Anderson’s elite batting average with some power coming after him could really form some outstanding offense for the Sox.

Tony La Russa’s best chance at getting the most out of his lineup includes batting Moncada second. There were times where he hit way lower in the lineup but that isn’t the best plan. His duel threat between power and contact fit him right there in that second spot.

The first innings where both Anderson and Moncada reach base should lead to good things with all of the power that comes after that. We know how the other hitters are going to hit so maximizing Moncada could really help this lineup take that next step in 2022.

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