This is the perfect Chicago White Sox outfield in 2022

(Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /

There were a lot of big injuries in 2021 for the Chicago White Sox. A lot of them hit the outfield hard as Eloy Jimenez, Luis Robert, and Adam Engel all missed most of the season. Robert and Jimenez are two pillars of the franchise and Engel is a very good hitter himself. Robert and Engel also each play outstanding in the field which really helps the team win.

The hope is that everyone is really healthy in 2022 because the outfield has a chance to be a strength of this team. As long as Jimenez is average in left field, they will be great defensively and they could be a force offensively.

LF – Eloy Jimenez

Left field is where Jimenez should play most of the games. He will be a designated hitter from time to time ut he hates that role. He likes playing in the field because it helps him stay more involved which impacts his bat in a positive way. He makes his money with his power so keeping him feeling good is super important.

CF – Luis Robert

Luis Robert is probably the best all-around player in the organization. He hits for both power and contact, has plenty of speed, is a defensive stud, and has a cannon of an arm. He is one of the most complete players that the White Sox have ever had playing a premier position. He will be playing centerfield in every game that he is healthy.

RF – Michael Conforto

Right field is where things get tricky for the White Sox. They haven’t had someone consistently at the position for a very long time. They need to go out and add someone who can do that and Michael Conforto would be a perfect fit. He is a free agent after some really solid years with the New York Mets. He isn’t a superstar or anything but he would positively impact the team.

The Chicago White Sox need help in the outfield before the 2022 season.

If they are able to sign someone like Conforto in the outfield, that would make Adam Engel the perfect fourth outfielder. He would still get a whole lot of playing time in this role. In fact, as the 4th outfielder, if he stays healthy he would probably appear in north of 100 games.

He has become a very good hitter and is an elite defender. When Jimenez is the DH or either other player needs a day off, he would be the guy to fill in. As of right now, until they sign someone like Conforto, he is probably the defacto right fielder.

That wouldn’t be an issue but it would be nice to use him as a utility outfielder. A setup like that would make the team much better. This is a nice outfield and most teams would sign up for it. Hopefully, its power ends up being a true strength of the 2022 club.

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