3 gifts the Chicago White Sox can give fans for Christmas

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MLB Lockout Ending

The Chicago White Sox can’t play unless there is a Major League Baseball season.

Around Christmas time two years ago, White Sox fans got an early Christmas present in the form of Dallas Keuchel. Unfortunately for baseball fans everywhere, there will be no such presents in the form of free agents.

When the MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement expired on December 2nd, free agency came grinding to a halt along with all other baseball operations. The lockout had been looming for a while but that doesn’t make it any easier to swallow. Before the work stoppage, fans were treated to an NBA-style free agent frenzy. On December 1st alone MLB teams dolled out a record-setting $1.4 billion in player salaries.

Not only can the teams not sign free agents but players can’t talk to coaches either. Lucas Giolito talked to Bleacher Report about not being able to communicate with Ethan Katz and the toll it has taken on him.

"“Beyond baseball, he is a very, very close friend of mine,” Giolito said. “He was at my wedding; I was at his. And I just think it’s strange and unfortunate that because of the lockout, he’s being told he’s not allowed to talk to me or any of the other guys.”"

Unfortunately, there hasn’t seemed to be any progress made. The lockout is not expected to end until around Spring Training in February. A great Christmas present for White Sox fans would be the lockout to come to a swift and free agency to resume.