All we want for Christmas is a Chicago White Sox season

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It is Christmas! December 25th is a day where people from all over the world bake cookies, swap gifts, play games, and sing songs. However, there are some of us that think about baseball even in the jolliest of seasons. Unfortunately, there is a dark cloud hovering over the sport right now. Right when the Chicago White Sox are good enough to win the World Series again, the league is in danger of missing games in 2022.

Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Player’s Association are not at labor peace which caused MLB to lock its players out. They believe that it is the best way to strike a deal but that can obviously be debated. Most people identify with the side of the players but compromises are going to have to be made.

Here on Christmas, all we want from Santa Clause is for the league to find labor peace. It would legit be the greatest Christmas present in the history of baseball. Unfortunately, it won’t happen before the new year as the two sides won’t be talking until then.

It is still fair to wish for it to happen before spring training begins. We don’t want it to affect the start of the 2022 season in any way. We all remember how things went in 2020 when they couldn’t figure anything out when they tried to return from COVID-19. The MLB and MLBPA have had differing opinions on things for many decades now.

The Chicago White Sox are hoping for the MLB and MLBPA to figure this out.

In order to find the aforementioned peace, they need to figure out things like financials and rules. To be honest, however, we just want baseball. The White Sox are finally a good team so seeing any games wiped out over this dispute would be a dirty shame.

It would be much more fun to be talking about potential trades and free-agent signings than the collective bargaining agreement. You would think that the league is well aware of how much this bothers the fans of the game but sometimes it really doesn’t seem like they know or care.

While everyone does their thing this holiday, we baseball fans will be secretly wishing for Santa Clause to deliver us an MLB season at some point soon. If that happens, Guaranteed Rate Field is going to be the place to be this summer as the White Sox try to win the division once again before making a run to the World Series. Fingers crossed.

Either way, we hope that all fans of this great game have a fantastic Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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