Luis Robert is the best player on the Chicago White Sox

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox has a bunch of elite players. Almost every position is loaded with players that can be difference makers on any night. One of those players is Luis Robert. He is a centerfielder that can literally bat anywhere in the batting order.

An argument can be made that Robert is the best player on the Chicago White Sox. Not many people would argue it after the way that his 2021 season went. He was injured for a lot of it but was amazing when he was finally on the field for good.

His injury was a freak accident that shouldn’t continuously happen. Once he was back, few people in baseball wanted a piece of him. He slashed .338/.378/.567 for an OPS of .946. He also hit 13 home runs, 43 RBIs, and 42 runs scored. All of that came in 68 games. The fact that he came up with a 3.6 WAR in those 68 games is absolutely insane.

We are talking about numbers that scream MVP if they were over a full healthy season. It is so clear that he is the best player on the White Sox. There are so many great players (Jose Abreu, Yasmani Grandal, Eloy Jimenez, Yoan Moncada, Tim Anderson, any of the pitchers) to debate that role with but Robert seems to be on another level now.

Luis Robert is one of the most talented players in Chicago White Sox history,

Not only is he the best player on the White Sox at this point, but he might also be approaching the best players in all of baseball. Shohei Ohtani is on another level because of his two-way abilities and Mike Trout still exists. After that comes guys like Juan Soto, Vladimir Guerrero Jr, Fernando Tatis. Jr. Ronald Acuna, and Bryce Harper amongst others.

If Robert played 162 in 2021, he would be mentioned there. In 2022, he should be able to prove that in short order. He could, as mentioned before, be in the MVP conversation as early as next year but winning is the number one thing on his mind.

It is clear that Robert, as much as anyone on the team, wants to be an elite player on an elite team. The White Sox are approaching that status and Robert can help them take that next step. Expect big things from him and then some.

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