An Adam Engel bounce back season would be ideal for White Sox

(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Berding/Getty Images) /

Adam Engel of the Chicago White Sox would probably agree with fans that last season was one he wants to forget. However, going back, Adam had an injury-riddled season that kept him out of a lot of games.

That is why his season was tough because he was never able to find a rhythm. In 2021, Adam Engel posted a .252 batting average, had 7 HR, and a .336 OBP. It is safe to say that those are not the results Engel was hoping to see because he wanted to appear in more games.

Defensively, it was a bright spot to see that Engel looked himself for the most part and showed no sign of slippage which is a good sign for the Sox.

In 2020, Adam Engel surprised people with his offensive outburst, putting up numbers of .295 and slugging .477 with 3 home runs and 26 RBIs for the year that only included 60 games (Engel played in 36 of them). Sox fans and media alike were shocked to see Engel’s production because he was not known as a hitter.

Adam Engel has turned into a very important player for the Chicago White Sox.

It’s crazy to remember when Engel came to the Sox in 2017. Our mindset was that he is a fantastic defender but offensively he is not good and probably won’t get too much better. However, he was injured a lot in 2021 so he wasn’t able to be in the lineup consistently. I side with the injuries affecting Engel.

When Adam was on, he provided the sox with a different element in 2020. His hitting and speed on base really helped them. When Engel is clicking offensively, it makes the Sox lineup even more potent than it already is, especially In the lower parts of the lineup. So the Sox themselves hope Engel stays healthy for the entire year.

Hopefully, Engel can be on the field a lot this year as it seemed he could never remain fit with many nagging injuries. They are injuries to his legs which is scary because we know that he does the most damage with his speed on defense. It will be a sight for sore eyes to see Engel stay healthy and find his rhythm again as it will undoubtedly benefit the Sox in 2022.

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