Oscar Colas deal is officially done with the Chicago White Sox

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox and Major League Baseball are locked out. There isn’t much news to report on at the Major League level but that doesn’t mean Rick Hahn and his staff aren’t hard at work. We have known through insiders over the past couple of weeks that the White Sox are signing some international prospects.

Now it is official from the team. Oscar Colas headlines the moves made by the White Sox this week. He is an awesome offensive player that plays in the outfield. The White Sox have signed him for 2.7 million dollars.

He is going to come to the organization with a lot of hype as he is the number five international prospect from this class. Since 2013, Colas is the fourth top-15 international prospect to sign with the White Sox.

It is exciting that the White Sox continues to do well in Cuba. We have seen how well that has worked with players that came before Colas. Luis Robert and Jose Abreu, just to name a few, are two of the best players on the team right now.

The Chicago White Sox continues to do well in international free agency.

It is going to be really interesting to see his development over the next couple of years. His ceiling in the MLB could be pretty high which is exciting considering what type of team he’d be joining. By the time he is ready, the White Sox should be even better than they are right now.

Colas isn’t the only one to be excited about either. They landed Erick Hernandez out of the Dominican Republic for one million dollars. He is rated as the number 28 international prospect in this class. This could prove to be a great decision for them as he could bloom into a great Major League hitter.

The White Sox, according to the team, believes that more international signings will be made in the coming weeks. That is also very good news because this team is willing to spend on young talent to improve their chances of succeeding for a long time.

The key to having sustained success within your organization, you need to continue adding young talent while winning at the MLB level. Trading prospects for help while your window is open is a natural form of business in the league but replenishing it keeps the good teams good for a long time.

These international free agents are one of the best ways to do that. The White Sox are awesome (lately) at identifying this talent and bringing it in. They deserve a lot of credit for these signings. Hopefully, it leads to a World Series soon enough.

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