The Chicago White Sox have so many right field options

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The right-field seats are a really fun place for Chicago White Sox fans to hang out during home games at Guaranteed Rate Field. However, the player directly in front of them will largely be unknown until the season starts unless a big signing is made.

The Sox have a lot of options to consider for the position but some of them are more ideal than others. They could also hit the right field free-agent market when the lockout ends so that they can add a big bat to the mix as well.

However, as of right now, the in-house options are at the front of the line because of the circumstances. It is better to wait on spending big money in order to make sure you get the right guy instead of handcuffing yourself to a bad contract.

The Chicago White Sox needs good play from whoever plays right field in 2022.

The leading candidate should be Adam Engel. He was injured for most of last season but he is the best option defensively. He also continues to get better as a hitter each and every year. If he is the starting right fielder and he is able to hit as well as he was in 2020 and 2021, there wouldn’t really be much to complain about.

The big concern is injury. If he is injured a lot in 2022, then it might be time to move in a different direction as an organization. There are some platoon options that could exist as well. Both Andrew Vaughn and Gavin Sheets are first basemen by trade but are blocked by Jose Abreu.

Neither of them is taking that position from him any time soon but they have both proved that they can play the outfield. One of them is a lefty bad and one of them is a righty so they can pick a starter of the two based on the opposition’s starting pitcher.

One under-the-radar option also could be Leury Garcia. Besides right field, second base is also considered a hole on this team. If they don’t make a signing or a trade, that might be Leury’s job as he is on a fresh new deal.

However, it would be ideal for Leury to be a utility guy that plays everywhere. He is the perfect fourth outfielder and extra infielder on any baseball team competing for division titles. With that said, it is nice knowing that he is there as an option.

In fact, it is good knowing that all of these guys are there as an option. The White Sox want to be a deep team and this is what being a deep team is. Sometimes there isn’t great position scarcity but they have some pieces that can make it work. With the core that they have around these guys, they are going to do a lot of winning.

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