Oscar Colas already has connections in White Sox organziation

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox made a brilliant addition to their organization recently. They added Oscar Colas via the international free agent prospect pool. He was the number five ranked player in this year’s class and will now work towards being a Major League Baseball player.

Playing for the White Sox is a lot of fun these days. They are a phenomenal team that is loaded with incredibly fun personalities. Colas is going to have a lot of fun playing on this team that should be even better by the time he arrives on a full-time basis.

It should be relatively easy for him to fit in. He comes from Cuba which is where a fair amount of White Sox players come from. Notable stars like Luis Robert, Yoan Moncada, Jose Abreu, and Yasmani Grandal are all Cuban as well. The White Sox has an outstanding history and relationship with Cuban baseball.

Colas also has experience with certain players in the White Sox organization. In his life so far, he has played with Yoelqui Cespedes, Norge Vera, and Yolbert Sanchez who are all top-15 prospects in the White Sox system.

He also has experience playing with Luis Robert who may just be the best player in the entire organization. Robert should really be able to help all of these guys grow their games because he is so fantastic. It is certainly advantageous for Colas to have guys in the organization that he is comfortable with so he can get acclimated easier.

Oscar Colas is going to fit in well with the Chicago White Sox organization.

One thing that is good for all of these guys is having Jose Abreu. We know the respect that he has amongst the younger players, especially the Cuban ones who have been looking up to him for a long time. His mentorship has already helped out so many good players and it will only continue.

The White Sox has done an outstanding job building this organization. It has been about bringing in talented players but also the “right players”. In addition to winning at the MLB level, they are now clearly focused on sustaining that level of success. Bringing in guys like Colas is exactly how you do that.

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