Tony La Russa has another tough task ahead of him in 2022

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Tony La Russa was a better manager for the Chicago White Sox in 2021 than anyone will give him credit for. People didn’t like the hire from the beginning. However, the hatred of the hire might be more because of the fact that it was Jerry Reinsdorf’s guy more than Rick Hahn’s guy.

La Russa had the task of coming back to the White Sox after many decades spent with other teams in various roles. During that time, he became one of the greatest MLB managers who ever lived. Now, he has a chance to add to his Hall of Fame resume.

93-69 was a very good record for the White Sox in 2021. They are a young team with many players still learning the way in the big leagues. They also had some serious injuries to some key players which made it hard.

Tony did a good job filling in for some of those injured players with other guys looking to make an impact with a Major League team. Guys like Billy Hamilton, Jake Lamb, and Brian Goodwin made La Russa look smart at times along with rookies like Gavin Sheets, Andrew Vaughn, and Yermin Mercedes.

The Chicago White Sox needs a lot from Tony La Russa and his staff in 2022.

It would be nice to see that taken to another level in 2022. The plan is for there to be significantly better injury luck. This is, of course, pending an actual MLB season not being lost thanks to the lockout.

If that all comes together, the White Sox will be even more dangerous. We know what this team can do when everybody is healthy and at the top of their game. Winning the AL Central isn’t the main focus this year but it is certainly a place to start.

Once they reach the playoffs is where Tony La Russa can make his mark. He already proved he can get these guys into the postseason but winning in the postseason is next. They want to make a deep playoff run and win the World Series with this group.

Every team in the league should be striving to do that eventually. The White Sox have made all of their intentions clear since beginning the rebuild at the end of 2016. Here we are in 2022 and they have as good of a chance as any to be the last team standing.

La Russa could use some help from Rick Hahn as they really need a full-time second baseman, right fielder, and more pitching. When (if) the lockout ends, that will be something to be worried about if you are the White Sox GM. Once that happens, it is for La Russa to take on the tough task of getting this team to the promised land.

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