A Chicago White Sox ticket employee is going to prison

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox enjoy when the narrative around them is mostly good. They have an outstanding baseball team on paper that has legit hopes of winning the World Series at least once over the next ten years. There are a lot of reasons to believe that it is possible.

However, some news came down on Tuesday that wasn’t the best. A Chicago ticket broker named Bruce Lee is going to federal prison for 1.5 years as he was found guilty of fraud. Lee was convicted for selling fraudulent White Sox tickets. His group of three (the other two are still awaiting sentencing) made close to a million dollars with this scam.

Lee’s defense was an argument claiming that he actually helped the White Sox by putting more money-spending fans in the stands. Obviously, neither the jury nor the judge agreed with that claim even slightly. Ticket fraud is ticket fraud. With a winning baseball team on the field, the White Sox are going to do just fine with their profits.

The judge seemed to be pretty set on the fact that this was the worst argument possible for the guy. Of course, the White Sox value the tickets because that means people will keep coming back. These ticket scammers absolutely deserve to be in prison.

The Chicago White Sox are in the news for the wrong reasons this week.

It is a shame to see the White Sox associated with this case. Nobody wants to be mentioned in a case where someone is going to prison for anything. The two additional men were White Sox employees named James Costello and William O’Neil.

The White Sox will get a little bit of money for restitution. It is a very interesting case to hear about in the middle of February but here we are. Now, going forward, it would be nice to see the White Sox in the news for good things. This stuff is no fun.

Going to the White Sox game is the greatest thing to do in summertime Chicago. Everyone wants to make sure that they are being sold the best possible tickets so hearing about this fraud is absolutely disgusting. Hopefully, nothing like this happens in the future.

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