The Chicago White Sox should consider adding Juan Soto

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

Juan Soto’s name has been in the news lately. He, according to himself, turned down a massive offer from the Washington Nationals that, according to a story from Enrique Rojas of ESPN,  included 350 million dollars over 13 years. That is a huge story across Major League Baseball. The Chicago White Sox should really take note.

Soto is one of the five best players in Major League Baseball. He came in second for the National League MVP in 2021 because he was so good. He had a slash of .313/.465/.534 for an OPS of .999. He hit 29 home runs and had 95 RBIs. All of this accumulated an outstanding WAR of 7.1.

Juan Soto was a second-year star when the Washington Nationals won the World Series in 2019. Since then, he has managed to get better but the Nationals continued to get worse. Now, it is clear that they are trying to rebuild but Soto’s future is in question.

If he isn’t taking that much money and term from Washington, he probably thinks he can get even more money. The truth is that he probably can. Scott Boras is his agent so you know that he is going to secure the bag when that time comes.

Despite their reputation, the White Sox should consider him. They could make a trade before his contract is up to see how it goes but paying him would also be smart. He is already as accomplished as he is at 23 years old and there is a good chance that he gets even better.

If you put this guy in the Chicago White Sox lineup, he might thrive even more. With studs like Luis Robert, Jose Abreu, Eloy Jimenez, Tim Anderson, and Yoan Moncada amongst others around him, we could be talking about the best lineup in team history already so adding someone like Juan Soto would make them borderline unstoppable.

It may be something that is highly unlikely but it shouldn’t be. Adding someone like this to an already star-studded lineup would change the organization forever. He fits the team’s needs in every way as he could be the new permanent right fielder for a long time.

They would pay him a lot of money but their return investment would be astronomical. They would be automatic American League favorites and the tickets sales would increase even more than they have lately. It would be so fun to see someone so young and so good join this team that is on the rise.

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