The lockout hurts this Chicago White Sox pitcher the most

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The Chicago White Sox are at the beginning of their championship window. They could win the World Series and nobody should be surprised because the talent level is off the charts. However, we need Major League Baseball to come back in order for that to happen.

MLB and the MLBPA have not been able to find labor peace and the league has implemented a lockout instead of simply negotiating in good faith. What is going on here is truly disgusting and everyone should be ashamed of themselves.

For the White Sox, the players just need to maintain their training and be ready for whenever this stuff is over. It is going to be easier for some than others which isn’t fair but that is one of the many issues with this lockout.

Pitchers are probably hurt the most by this as it always takes them the longest to be ready for the season. Hitters are normally ready rather quick but the pitchers have things to work on before they are ready to make 32 starts or appear in the bullpen regularly.

The Chicago White Sox needs Michael Kopech starting games in 2022.

One pitcher on the White Sox who might be hurt the most by this is Michael Kopech. He missed a lot of time prior to the 2021 season due to his Tommy John and time away from the game for personal reasons.

Now, right when he is healthy, he plays one full season in the bullpen, and then there is a lockout. It was made clear that the White Sox plan on him transitioning back into a starter but we have to wait to see that now. It is just not good.

Kopech is going to be fine but this isn’t the best for him because he simply has to wait just a bit longer. You never want a guy with his talent to sit around as he is better when he is taking reps. He still might have an innings limit as a starter but he needs to be out there starting games in order to get comfortable with the role again.

We can only hope that this lockout ends quickly so that Kopech is able to get to work. We all want to see him transition back into being a starter successfully and it is going to take some time. With that time on pause, it just delays the development which is not good. Hopefully, Kopech along with every other White Sox pitcher is able to overcome this time away from game action.

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