Michael Conforto makes sense for the Chicago White Sox

(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

Now that the Major League Baseball Player’s Association and Major League Baseball have labor peace, we will have baseball in 2022! Now, it is time to see the Chicago White Sox make big moves that help them go deeper in the playoffs.

One person who might be able to help them with that is Michael Conforto. They need help in right field and he is perfectly capable of helping them with that. The White Sox would be so smart to bring him in as soon as they can.

He had a down year in 2021 but he was outstanding before that. Even for his down year in 2021, he was still a productive player that hit well at times. He is a prime candidate for a big bounce-back season. Playing with a team like the White Sox could really help with that.

He has never had the same level of protection with an MLB team as he would have with the White Sox in 2022. Hitting in the middle of a lineup that consists of people like Luis Robert, Jose Abreu, and Yasmani Grandal would make him that much better.

Even having contact hitters like Tim Anderson and Yoan Moncada around, there are always opportunities to make an impact on this team. Conforto would do that more than a replacement-level player. It would be nice to see him make that decision.

Michael Conforto would really be able to help the Chicago White Sox do great things.

The White Sox would then also be able to use the rest of their players the right way if someone like Conforto came in to play right field. Adam Engel would be the perfect fourth outfielder on any championship-level team.

They would also be able to platoon Andrew Vaughn and Gavin Sheets as designated hitters. One signing like that just adds so much more depth to the team over a very hard 162 game season. If something like this happened, the White Sox would be in good shape.

Michael Conforto isn’t the only good option out there right now but he is someone that makes total sense for this White Sox team. If it happened, they would be very happy with the results that come out of it. Regardless, it is so nice to have baseball back.

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