More White Sox games getting canceled is heartbreaking

(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /

We have news that Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Player’s Association have agreed on an international draft. The parties have until July 25th to reach a deal on the draft starting by 2024. It will surely be interesting to see how this helps or hurts the Chicago White Sox, who have been outstanding with international free agents in recent years.

Unfortunately, this news came after the league decided to now cancel the second week of the season. It was bad enough that the first week was canceled but they had a chance to revive those games and blew it.

Major League Baseball is the side imposing these “deadlines” which makes it even worse. They can still play 162 games if they want to. This is nothing more than a negotiating technique so they can get more of what they want in a timelier manner.

As a baseball fan, it is okay to be devasted by what is going on with our game right now. There are a lot of problems going on in the world right now that are far beyond sports but that doesn’t mean we can’t use this stuff to heal.

You would think that the league would recognize this. It is hard to sympathize with these owners at any time, let alone when the world is the way that it is. They look worse and worse with each passing day without an agreement.

All we want is to watch the Chicago White Sox play baseball this summer.

We just want to get back to Guaranteed Rate Field and watch the White Sox. We also want to watch the rest of the teams in the league because baseball is so great right now. There are stars all over the place and we just don’t get to watch right now. It is simply sad.

As heartbreaking as it is right now, baseball will be back. When it is, we can forget about the greedy owners with their bad commissioner in time to enjoy the best baseball on earth. Hopefully, this deal gets done soon enough so that we can get back to the field and enjoy our summer. Chicago is better in the summer with baseball.

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