3 elite free agent pitchers for the Chicago White Sox to target

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Chicago White Sox, Carlos Rodon
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Carlos Rodon

The Chicago White Sox could really use Carlos Rodon back if they want to compete.

The Chicago White Sox had an outstanding rotation last year with Carlos Rodon in the middle of it. He had to earn his spot back as the fifth starter and he ended up coming in fifth place for the American League Cy Young Award. Every time he was out there, he gave the White Sox a chance to win.

Rodon had a rough start to his career. He was a third overall pick because his stuff is so nasty but he dealt with inconsistencies and injuries which derailed the start of his White Sox tenure. By the time 2020 ended, they let him go but then brought him back. It was a fantastic decision.

Rodon bet on himself and he is going to get rewarded. A lot of teams would like to add this absolute superstar because he can help get a rotation over the edge if they are one away. The White Sox are one of them.

There is one risk to adding Carlos Rodon. 2021 was the first year that he pitched at an elite level for a long time. There is the worry that it was a one-year thing. It’s not like he came out of nowhere though, he was a highly valued prospect that just needed to reach full health to get to that level.

He dealt with arm soreness which might have kept him from winning the Cy Young outright because he missed a fair amount of starts towards the end. That is also something to worry about for any team signing him. Regardless of the risk, the White Sox should do it because they need a guy like that.