3 Oakland A’s for the White Sox to trade for not named Matt Chapman

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Chicago White Sox, Craig Kimbrel
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The Chicago White Sox are a team looking to take that next step. They could really use some help in a few different areas so that they can go from playoff favorites to World Series favorites over the next few years. There are a lot of different ways for the team to do that.

The Oakland Athletics are a team heading in the exact opposite direction. They have been good for a few years now but they are going to reload by selling off a lot of their good players. It won’t be long before they are good again because they are a smart team but it won’t be in 2022.

If the A’s actually go through with their firesale, they might move some really significant pieces. Matt Chapman is someone that is on the block and everybody in Major League Baseball would want him. If you exclude him from the conversation, however, the A’s have a lot of players that the White Sox could use as they load up for a deep playoff run.

We all know by now what the White Sox need to add to their lineup. They are desperate for a second baseman, a right fielder, and some extra pitching. The A’s might have some pieces that can help in certain areas on the diamond.

The Chicago White Sox could really use help and the Oakland A’s could provide it.

These two clubs have made trades before so you have to wonder if the White Sox will chime in on their pending yard sale. If they are, there are three players not named Matt Chapman for them to consider: