Former White Sox closer Alex Colome finds a new MLB home

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The Chicago White Sox lost Alex Colome to free agency a few years ago. It wasn’t a good feeling when he signed with the Minnesota Twins and left the White Sox with nobody ready to take his spot. Little did we know at the time, it was one of the luckiest things to happen to the White Sox ever.

Colome was brutal in 2021 following a really nice MLB carer split between the Tampa Bay Rays, Seattle Mariners, Chicago White Sox before he got to the Twins. Before this mishap of a 2021 season, most of the league saw him as someone that they liked.

For last season, Colome obviously had a bad year. He had a negative WAR thanks to his .415 ERA to go with a WHIP of 1.400. He only had 58 strikeouts over 65.0 which is not good for him at all. It is a shame that he fell off that hard but it was better than seeing him dominate with another team in the division.

It was a little bit scary to lose Colome for a minute as we didn’t know who the closer was going to be. However, Rick Hahn blessed us with Liam Hendriks who is ten times better than Colome. It is clearly a great roster decision that was made and they chose right with his replacement.

The Chicago White Sox did a good job replacing Alex Colome with Liam Hendriks.

Since Colome left, the White Sox saw their bullpen take a new step. Stars like Liam Hendriks, Garrett Crochet, Aaron Bummer, Joe Kelly, and Craig Kimbrel amongst others will really help anyone. It is good to have one dominant closer that you would want to give the ball to in every situation possible.

That type of late-game pitcher is incredible to have. Not every MLB team does and the Chicago White Sox might have two of those guys. They would have liked to keep Colome when they had the chance but once again, it was a blessing in disguise that he is gone.

Alex Colome signed a one-year deal with the Colorado Rockies on Saturday night. That sort of came out of nowhere but he won’t be trying to have a bounce-back year in the AL Central Division anymore which is nice.

If he does have a good year, he could be dealt at the deadline as the Rockies probably won’t be very good. Regardless of what happens, this news has to make you feel good about the way the Chicago White Sox are positioned with their bullpen as of right now.

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