3 good right fielders still there for the Chicago White Sox

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Chicago White Sox, Oscar Colas
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The Chicago White Sox needs some help. They are a very good team but no Major League Baseball organization is perfect. Right now, the Sox need a right fielder. They have been addressing second base and pitching so far but nothing has been done about that glaring need.

As of right now, Adam Engel, Andrew Vaughn, and Gavin Sheets are the options. Sheets and Vaughn are both great hitters but neither of them are right fielders. Both of them would be out of place in that role and would be better off as designated hitters (backup first basemen).

In the case of Engel, the perfect role for him would be to be the fourth outfielder. There is a big need for that help late in games from a guy who plays solid defense and can chip in some big-time offense. Adam Engel can be that guy. You take that away from him if you make him the full-time right fielder.

The White Sox has a unique opportunity right now. They are an elite team that can be even better. Adding just a bit more would significantly increase their already high odds of winning the American League. If they wanted to really go for it, they have plenty of room for a big-time free agent.

The Chicago White Sox should really consider a free-agent outfielder.

There are still some really good options out there right now from a right-field perspective. A few of these guys can bounce around the outfield but that won’t be necessary here. If the White Sox wanted to make one more splash, these are the three best outfielders to consider: