3 good right fielders still there for the Chicago White Sox

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Chicago White Sox, Nick Castellanos
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1. Nick Castellanos

Nick Castellanos has his pros and cons but he would help the Chicago White Sox win.

The Chicago White Sox probably has Castellanos ranked as the best hitter of the outfielders but the worst defensive fielder. He is an interesting player because he has absolutely owned the White Sox in his career. You would think that coming to play at Guaranteed Rate Field would be enticing to him since he has had so much success there.

He also knows what it is like to live in Chicago as he had a short stint with the Chicago Cubs. Following some really good years with the Cincinnati Reds, he is looking to make some money and take it from a really good team that has a chance to win.

The White Sox would improve a lot if they added Castellanos. Thier lineup is already outstanding so adding someone who could hit that many home runs would be a luxury. The explosiveness would probably make up for the lack of defense that he provides.

As mentioned before, there are pros and cons to a signing like this but the good does seem to outweigh the bad. If the White Sox were able to pull off a signing like this, they might have the most feared lineup in the big leagues which is incredible to think about.