3 good right fielders still there for the Chicago White Sox

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Chicago White Sox, Michael Conforto
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2. Michael Conforto

The Chicago White Sox could really use someone like Michael Conforto.

One thing the Chicago White Sox have lacked over the past two seasons has been lefty power. Gavin Sheets provided some in the second half of last season but he was just a rookie trying to find a permanent spot on the team.

With Sheets in 2022, along with the switch-hitting Yoan Moncada, Leury Garcia, and Yasmani Grandal, there are left-handed options now. However, there is no doubt that they could use some more help from that side of the plate.

Adding someone like Michael Conforto would be a great start. He would provide the lefty power that this team needs this season and give them so much more versatility when it comes to matching up against pitchers. He also plays the position of need which makes him a perfect addition.

He has never had the protection in the lineup that he would have with the 2022 Chicago White Sox either which could help him become an even better hitter. That would make Chicago’s lineup absolutely deadly.

Conforto had somewhat of a down year with the New York Mets in 2021 but that followed a bunch of really good years. Everyone on the Mets (besides Jacob deGrom) underachieved in 2021 and Conforto fell into it. A change of scenery on a great team would do him so well. Out of everyone on this list, he makes the most sense for the White Sox.