3 good right fielders still there for the Chicago White Sox

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Chicago White Sox, Kris Bryant
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3. Kris Bryant

The versatile Kris Bryant would be a very good addition to the Chicago White Sox.

Outside of a cup of coffee with the San Francisco Giants, Kris Bryant has played his entire MLB career with a team based in Chicago. The Chicago Cubs drafted him and did a great job developing him into the star that he is today. Now, it would be nice to see him play on the other side of town.

He knows what it is like to play in Chicago which is a start. The White Sox have money and playing time available for him. In addition, they are also an elite team so they would be giving him an opportunity to win. Those are all of the things that free agents want to hear when looking for a new home.

The White Sox would primarily use him as a right fielder but everybody knows that Bryant has become a star utility man. He can play every position on the diamond except pitcher and catcher. You’d probably keep him away from shortstop as well but he could if needed.

The White Sox landing Bryant would help them in so many ways. He is a very good player which would help them win a lot in the regular season. He would also bring a lot of postseason experience as he has gone very deep in the playoffs many times, including a World Series championship.

These moves would all be massive wins for the White Sox. They have a very good lineup as it is so adding one of these potential All-Stars would go a long way in helping them advance their organization. Winning now should be the biggest thing for this team and all three of these guys help with that.

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