3 crazy Craig Kimbrel trades for White Sox with the Dodgers

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Chicago White Sox, Max Muncy
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The Chicago White Sox could try to pull off a stunner with a Craig Kimbrel deal.

The Chicago White Sox, as mentioned before, signed Josh Harrison to be their second baseman. They would still be smart to accept an upgrade if one presented itself. Harrison would be great to have on the bench and he would still see a lot of playing time.

There is a chance that the Dodgers don’t want to get rid of Gavin Lux as they see him as a part of their future. That could make someone like Max Muncy available then as they both could be a second baseman. The White Sox would be smart to go for someone like that in a Kimbrel deal.

Colson Montgomery was Chicago’s first-round draft pick in 2021. He is expected to be a very good player for them one day but he is a long way away. That could be perfect for a team like the Dodgers who can stand to use a few very good prospects that won’t be MLB ready for a while. With the lineup they have, they have plenty of time to let guys like that develop.

If the Dodgers did want to add one more depth lefty bat, Gavin Sheets is someone good that they can try to get with Kimbrel as well. He can mash home runs with the best of them and could get even better with time and experience.

The White Sox are not guaranteed to trade Craig Kimbrel but the Dodgers make a lot of sense if they do decide to do that. Without Jensen, they are missing a top closer for the first time in a long time. They will certainly figure it out either way but Kimbrel makes a ton of sense. Rick Hahn should be on the phone with them frequently.

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