This White Sox prospect is showing he could be valuable via trade

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox could make a trade for an everyday right fielder that won’t require a platoon or a second baseman that will force Josh Harrison into a depth player. They could also do it to land a starting pitcher that is out there on the block.

One player that could be a part of a package that the White Sox sends is Micker Adolfo. He is playing as good as he ever has in spring training so far and it was on display once again on Monday afternoon. This could make other teams in the league really take a look at him.

The White Sox defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers on Monday by a final score of 8-6. They were able to win thanks to him as he accounted for half of their runs. He put the White Sox up 3-0 with his second-inning home run. It was his second of spring training to give him his second, third, and fourth RBI.

Later, when the White Sox were then down 4-3, he hit a sacrifice fly to earn his fourth RBI of the game and fifth of the spring. The White Sox went on to take the lead that inning and never looked back from there.

Adolfo is really having an outstanding spring as you know with his two home runs and five RBIs. He has a spring batting average of .556 and an OPS of 1.722. Now, he isn’t going to hit that well by the time it is all said and done but he can prove to be a very effective MLB player one day.

The Chicago White Sox are liking what they are seeing with Micker Adolfo.

His development took a little bit longer than some may have thought as other prospects joined the organization and quickly passed him. Everyone develops at different paces, though, and he could just prove to be a let bloomer at 25.

With most of the lineup card pretty much full, the White Sox might have a tough time fitting Adolfo into the plan. He could see some time if there is an injury but don’t plan on much outside of that possibility.

The only way that he could be in MLB this season is if he is traded. As mentioned before, he would be great to use in a deal. The Oakland Athletics could really use a guy like that to add to their farm system while parting ways with one of their two star-pitchers in Sean Manaea or Frankie Montas. If he continues to play well this spring, everyone involved should really think about it.

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