The White Sox gave an update on Andrew Vaughn’s injury

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The Chicago White Sox are hoping for a big year from Andrew Vaughn. He is going into his second year with expectations that he can be one of the better power hitters on the team. He showed glimpses of it in 2021 with a whole lot to improve on in 2022.

Spring training was off to a good start for him to have a good year. He was hitting well which is a good sign because that is where he is going to make his money in Major League Baseball. Unfortunately, the White Sox has Vaughn learning new positions on the fly.

It is not fair to him as he is a natural first baseman. He played left field admirably (for never playing it before) in 2021 but switched to right field (the harder of the two corner outfielders) and things haven’t been as smooth.

On Sunday, while playing right field, Vaughn made a diving catch that probably would have been a routine play for a natural right fielder. Unfortunately, he was hurt on the play and carted off the field. That was not a good sign.

Luckily, the White Sox put out an update on Monday and it seems like he is going to be okay. It is a hip pointer injury which is a bruised pelvis on the right side. They also point out that his progress is based on his symptoms resolve. The expected return as of right now is one to two weeks.

The Chicago White Sox gave a good update on Andrew Vaughn’s injury status.

The White Sox dodged a bullet here. Vaughn is a key part of this team’s batting order and they need him in there as much as possible. They should probably think about getting a right fielder to play right field instead of platooning two first basemen.

Vaughn may miss a few games to start the season but that isn’t that big of a deal. He should be back and ready to go not long into the April stretch. This is a big year for him as he tries to go from a good rookie to a star offensive player on a very good team. This update was good news.

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