3 White Sox trades that send Craig Kimbrel back to the Cubs

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Chicago White Sox, Craig Kimbrel
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At the 2021 Major League Baseball trade deadline, the Chicago White Sox traded Nick Madrigal and Codi Heuer to the Chicago Cubs in exchange for Craig Kimbrel. The best reliever on the trade block was acquired by Rick Hahn and it was a great move for the White Sox.

Well, it was only a good move for the White Sox for about a week. Kimbrel was not very good for the White Sox at all in the second half of the season after dominating with the Cubs during the first half to the point where he was an All-Star.

Madrigal and Heuer are going to have great careers and it would have been much better to have them on the south side for their entire careers. Heuer would have been better than Kimbrel down the stretch and into the players which is really sad to think about.

However, the past is the past. The White Sox can’t undo the trade. Instead, they can put their best foot forward because this roster is absolutely loaded with talent. They can either try and get the best version of Kimbrel or they can try to trade him.

The Chicago White Sox could try to trade Craig Kimbrel back to the Chicago Cubs.

If they traded him, they could try to send him back to the Chicago Cubs if they felt they needed a late-inning reliever. They won’t get back what they gave up for him but they can get something of value if the Cubs felt they needed him back.

Codi Heuer is out for the year after surgery so you never know what they are thinking. They aren’t as good as the Milwaukee Brewers or St. Louis Cardinals but they are going to try and be a playoff team now that there is an extra berth in each league. These three trade packages could get it done: