3 White Sox trades that send Craig Kimbrel back to the Cubs

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Chicago White Sox, Craig Kimbrel
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The Chicago White Sox could try to land a player looking for a second chance.

The Chicago Cubs are going to give Clint Frazier a second chance in Major League Baseball after he didn’t work out for the New York Yankees in all the years prior. He wasn’t given the proper chance there and is looking to thrive somewhere else.

He has yet to play a single game for the Chicago Cubs which makes this interesting but it could happen. The Cubs have no reason to keep him if an opportunity to better the team is out there. Adding a reliever like Kimbrel who has already been good there back could really help.

The Cubs have plenty of outfield help, especially with the addition of Seiya Suzuki to the mix. Frazier is probably not slated to be an everyday starter there but he could make a big impact on the White Sox if he had a good year.

The White Sox are in desperate need of a right fielder. That has been an issue all offseason long and it is only getting worse with each passing day. Frazier certainly wouldn’t be the permanent solution but he is another person to try out there while getting rid of Kimbrel’s contract. Both teams could see benefit from a trade like this.