3 White Sox trades that send Craig Kimbrel back to the Cubs

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Chicago White Sox, Craig Kimbrel
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The Chicago White Sox should be looking for help in the outfield in this trade.

Craig Kimbrel has had an outstanding Major League career. He is most likely going to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame as one of the greatest closers who ever lived. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been a good fit for the Chicago White Sox up to this point. Things could change but they could also stay the same.

The Chicago Cubs might feel that they can get Kimbrel right back to where he was for them at the time of the trade last summer. Then, if they are a bad team again, they could trade him once again to another team that needs a closer. Everybody in Chicago wins with this trade scenario.

The White Sox won’t get the same return back. Michael Hermosillo is a nice player but he doesn’t equal the value of Madrigal or Heuer separate let alone together. However, the White Sox need to accept their losses and move on.

Hermosillo is a player that had a terrible batting average but a very good slugging percentage for the Cubs in 2021. A player like that might be an okay fit as long as he can come to the south side and play some good defensive right field.