3 White Sox trades that send Craig Kimbrel back to the Cubs

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Chicago White Sox, Craig Kimbrel
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The Chicago White Sox could go for a prospect in a trade for Craig Kimbrel as well.

The Chicago White Sox has an elite baseball team at the Major League level. A lot of this has come because of their top prospects graduating to the MLB level and becoming impact players. Now, they are trying to build their farm back up as this has forced them to take some hits in the minors.

That is natural when you rebuild but the key to sustained success is keeping the prospects flowing while you win at the Major League level. that is especially true when you trade some of these prospects for MLB-ready talent in a pennant race.

The White Sox could use Craig Kimbrel to try and get prospects instead of just going for MLB-ready talent. That is probably the smart idea, although it is not the most visually appealing. A player like Kevin Alcantara would make a fantastic fit in this organization.

Alcantara came to the Cubs in the trade that sent Anthony Rizzo to the New York Yankees last season. He is currently ranked as the number seven prospect in the Cubs system. His estimated MLB arrival projection is for the 2024 season.

He is an outfielder looking to eventually make it to the big leagues. At 19 years old, the potential is certainly there. Acquiring a guy like that would really help the White Sox farm for a long time. If the Cubs were willing to part with a prospect for Kimbrel, this is one to target.

There are no rumors connecting these two teams with Kimbrel by any means. This is just exploring the idea of bringing him back to the north side so he can try and regain his form in one of the places where he is the most comfortable. Hopefully, regardless of how this Kimbrel story ends, the White Sox are better for it.

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