3 crazy Chicago White Sox trade packages for Sean Manaea

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Chicago White Sox, Sean Manaea
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The Chicago White Sox are going into the 2022 season with a brilliant rotation. Lucas Giolito, Lance Lynn, Dylan Cease, and Michael Kopech are for sure going to be in the rotation. Dallas Keuchel and Reynaldo Lopez are also hoping to crack it at some point.

Keuchel has the inside chance of winning that fifth spot going into the year but anything can happen. Kopech is also going to likely be on an innings limit which makes things interesting for them as they have some decisions to make.

It would really help them out a lot if they were able to add another very good starter to the rotation right now. It would really help them with their depth and give them an out if some of these fringe guys don’t work out well.

There are a few good options out there on the trade market but not many are as good as Sean Manaea of the Oakland Athletics. He is very good and would make an amazing middle-of-the-rotation guy for the White Sox in a contention year. He would be an ace on a lot of teams.

The A’s are having a fire sale as they rebuild their roster and Manaea is probably the next to go. We have seen the White Sox make trades for pitchers in the recent past and this one would be one of the good ones to go after.

He has outstanding stuff that would fit in well with the likes of Giolito, Lynn, Kopech, and Cease. He would also add another left-handed pitcher to the mix which would give the White Sox some much-needed diversity. These three trades could get it done: