3 crazy Chicago White Sox trade packages for Sean Manaea

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The Chicago White Sox should be all in on winning the World Series in 2022.

The Chicago White Sox are so good. They have a very good chance to win the World Series in 2022 and need to do everything that they can to give themselves the best chance. Adding another very good starter like Sean Manaea could be one of the biggest things that they do for themselves.

Giving up Jake Burger and Wes Kath is less than ideal in terms of their farm strength but it would be amazing for their MLB roster. They should absolutely consider it if the A’s are going to go through with trading Manaea. With some of the other moves that they already made this year, it doesn’t appear that they will be (or should be) done.

Kath is a third baseman that has a long way to go before he makes it to Major League Baseball. He was drafted in the second round (57th overall) by the White Sox in the 2022 MLB Draft. The high ceiling is there but he has to work on his raw abilities in the Minor Leagues for a while.

Jake Burger is a sensational story. His injuries have caused his development to be a bit slower than everybody else’s and that is okay. He is still going to be a really good baseball player for a long time.

Unfortunately, the White Sox infield appears to have no room for him so it would be better for everyone involved if he is traded. If he went to the A’s, he would get a lot of playing time to work on his skills and reach his true potential. A trade like this would be a win-win for everyone.