The Chicago White Sox missed a great opportunity for a trade

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(Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images) /

Sean Manaea would have been a perfect fit for the Chicago White Sox and everybody knows it. He generates outs with the best of them and creates hard pitches for batters to hit on the regular. Unfortunately, that hope died for White Sox fans on Sunday.

Manaea was traded to the San Diego Padres. It was a great trade for San Diego who now adds another really good pitcher to their rotation. It was a rotation that didn’t live up to expectations in 2021 but is hoping for a bounce-back season. Manaea should help with that.

Of course, San Diego beat the White Sox in something once again. It almost feels like these two teams are on a collision course to one day meet in the World Series because of this history but they both have a long way to go.

San Diego fell out of it in 2021 while the White Sox won their division with ease. However, that doesn’t ease the pain with all of the things that they have gotten while the White Sox watch it go away forever.

The Chicago White Sox have let the San Diego Padres get the best of them lately.

It starts and ends with the Fernando Tatis Jr. trade. Yes, he was just a young prospect at the time when he was traded but he has turned into a mega superstar in Major League Baseball. He has trouble staying on the field because of injury but he is as elite as it gets when he is on.

James Shields was a disaster for the White Sox as a consolation prize for Tatis Jr. moving on to the Padres and becoming the face of the MLB. It was quite literally one of the worst trades in Major League Baseball history.

The other big thing is the fact that Manny Machado signed there instead of with the White Sox. It seemed like the White Sox had a chance and was the perfect fit but it never happened. Once he chose the Padres, it made them look like a team who was stealing everything from beneath the Sox.

That’s business, however. San Diego jumps on things more and they have Tatis Jr, Machado, and Manaea to show for it. The White Sox will still be an elite team and have a way better chance of winning the World Series than them so it is okay in the end.

There are still other good arms out there to consider. Lance Lynn is hurt now for a month so replacing him and adding more to the rotation will help a lot. Regardless of what happens, the players that are currently there need to be ready to carry a big load.

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