3 possible Chicago White Sox trade packages for Frankie Montas

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Chicago White Sox, Micker Adolfo
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Micker Adolfo might be better off if the Chicago White Sox traded him away.

The Chicago White Sox have done a tremendous job developing prospects but a few of them have gone at a different pace. One of them is Micker Adolfo who dealt with some injuries early in his Minor League career. He stayed healthy in 2021 and dominated in both AA and AAA.

Now, he looks like he could be a guy that deserves a shot to play Major League Baseball. If the White Sox keep him, there is a good chance that he makes the team when they break camp. He is out of Minor League options so chances are that they either have him on the team or trade him. It would be foolish to lose him for nothing.

If he were traded to the Oakland A’s, however, he could play in their outfield for most of this season if he stays healthy and performs well. He isn’t playing over Eloy Jimenez, Luis Robert, or AJ Pollock right now so it would be a good idea for him.

He probably wouldn’t even play over Andrew Vaughn or Gavin Sheets at this point. That doesn’t mean that he is a bad player either. The White Sox are just very deep and have a lot of players to fit on a small roster.

Jared Kelley is a fireballing prospect who was considered a first-round talent that fell to the second when the White Sox drafted him in 2020. He still has amazing pure stuff but his numbers weren’t good in his first-year pro (2021) at all.

He has a very good fastball with high velocity and run along with a changeup that he works well off of. If he develops his slider a bit better and controls all of his pitches to the best of his ability, he could become a good Major League pitcher one day. This is the perfect pitcher for an organization like the Oakland A’s right now.

It is going to be interesting if the White Sox actually consider a deal like this. Montas is a great pitcher that would fit in on this team so nicely. There are plenty of innings in need of pitchers right now and he would be perfect. Even when October comes he could be very useful. One of these three trades would be worth it.

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