Two more injuries change the White Sox Opening Day roster

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox Opening Day roster is loaded with talent. Unfortunately, the original group is hampered by injuries so some last-minute moves caused them to make some changes. They need to get healthy quickly but it isn’t looking great right now.

The White Sox don’t play until Friday when they open the season on the road against the Detroit Tigers. It is going to be a long season in a much-improved division as the White Sox have lofty expectations to finally take that next step.

It would be much harder to take that next step if they are missing a bunch of their players. It started last week when it became known that Garrett Crochet is going to have Tommy John surgery and miss the entire season.

Joe Kelly was already coming back from an injury when he signed with the White Sox too which is something they need to keep an eye on. Hopefully, he is able to be back soon. When he does return, it is going to be a great bullpen despite the Crochet injury.

Speaking of being back soon, Lance Lynn is going to be out until at least mid-May because of a knee injury. When he is there, the White Sox have an elite rotation but it takes a big hit with him missing.

The Chicago White Sox have 2 missing pieces that we didn’t really expect to see.

Now, the White Sox roster is missing two more people that we thought would be on before these new injuries. Ryan Burr is hitting the 10 day Injured List. Matt Foster is going to be on the 28 man roster in his place along with the rest of the typical bullpen.

The big news is that Yoan Moncada is going on as well with an oblique strain. This move is retroactive to April 4th but there is a chance he misses up to three weeks. It could also be shorter for him but we will see.

Jake Burger made the Opening Day roster in Moncada’s place. As tough as it will be to miss him, Burger’s story is incredible. He has worked all the way back from two horrid injuries in years past and now he will likely be (should be) in the Opening Day starting lineup.

We need to hope that this is it with the injuries for a while. The White Sox don’t want to have to dig themselves out of a hole early in the year once everyone is healthy. They can still win in April with this group but adding Moncada, Lynn, and Kelly back soon will be great.

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