3 White Sox who have no business being on MLB roster

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Chicago White Sox, Danny Mendick
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The Chicago White Sox don’t need to be having Danny Mendick on the roster.

It is bad enough that Leury Garcia and Josh Harrison are the second base/shortstop/third base backups on this team that are getting regular playing time. That means that Danny Mendick has even less business being on the field for a team with championship aspirations.

He is a pretty good defender and nobody is denying that. He is just an atrocious hitter that doesn’t seem like he is getting any better any time soon. He is off to a good start offensively so he might stick around for a little while longer but he just doesn’t seem to be the guy that helps this team win championships.

His days are probably numbered because of a few different things. When Yoan Moncada comes back, he will be the everyday third baseman. That makes Jake Burger’s time at third numbered but he has proven that his bat is needed in the lineup.

If Burger makes the switch to second base, Mendick has no more room on the team. They might as well let Danny go down to AAA so he can keep working on his hitting while playing great defense. If he is sent down on May 1st, that won’t be the last time we see him.