Chicago White Sox make interesting cuts that get them to 26 men

(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox and the rest of Major League Baseball needed to cut their rosters from 28 players to 26 players by today. It was up to 28 for the first month of the season as a result of the lockout that wiped out a lot of the offseason including half of spring training.

The two players that the White Sox cut are relief pitcher Anderson Severino and infielder Danny Mendick. Those are interesting names to see on there as a result of how the season has gone but it is clear that the right decision was made.

Anderson Severino has a lot of work to do before he becomes a full-time Major League Baseball player so this one makes the most sense. He was not successful in facing Major League hitting during his time up and was only up because of injury.

As for Danny Mendick, he is an okay player. If AAAA was a league, he’d be a great player in it. There is no doubt that he will play in MLB again if there is another injury to an infielder on this team. Sending him down is the direct result of someone else stepping up.

The Chicago White Sox sent Danny Mendick and Anderson Severino down.

That person is Jake Burger. He made the team out of spring training because of Yoan Moncada’s injury. Since then, however, he proved that he shouldn’t be spending another day in AAA. He deserves to be on the Major League roster going forward.

They sent down Mendick instead of Burger. With Jose Abreu at first, a rotation between Leury Garcia and Josh Harrison at second, and Tim Anderson at shortstop, Burger fits in nicely at third base.

When Yoan Moncada comes back, he will for sure get third base back. That could mean that Jake Burger’s time is done for a bit but it shouldn’t. He deserves to stay for as long as he is playing like he is right now. That could be for the rest of his prime.

Burger could probably move over to second or platoon the designated hitter spot with Gavin Sheets when they reach that point. Seeing him make it past these initial roster cuts from 28 to 26 is a good sign. Hopefully, Mendick and Severino continue to have success in AAA.

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