We have an update on the injury status of Andrew Vaughn

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(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox have issued an injury update on Andrew Vaughn. As you know, he was hit by a pitch last week and hasn’t started a game since. It hasn’t been very fun to see him out of the lineup over the last couple of days but the White Sox have been doing some winning which helps.

They need to make sure that he is healthy when he returns and don’t rush him back. There is a lot of swelling despite the x-rays coming back negative. It probably won’t be long before he returns but they want to make sure that they don’t jump the gun.

He is one of the most spectacular bats on the roster despite being a second-year player. It is clear why he was a third overall pick in the draft and considered the best bat in the country at the time of his selection. He has lived up to the hype and then some.

We finally have an update on his injury status as the White Sox officially put him on the injured list on Thursday. This transaction is retroactive to May 2nd. In his place, they have recalled Danny Mendick from AAA Charlotte.

The Chicago White Sox have placed Andrew Vaugh on the Injured List.

Mendick only spent a few days down in AAA as he was one of the May 2nd roster cuts. Now, he gets another chance to be in the Major League dugout until this team gets healthy again. That might be coming sooner than later.

Vaughn, as a result of this transaction, is going to be out for at least another seven days which takes him out of the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Guardians series. It is fair to assume that he will be ready to return when the New York Yankees visit Chicago next weekend.

He needs to get it to the point where he feels no pain in his right hand when he takes swings. He is a decent (at times) fielder but his money is made with his bat in his hand. Once he gets that feeling back where he can swing pain-free, the sky is the limit. Now that the other bats in the lineup are starting to get going, his return from the IL will be well received.

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