This White Sox prospect is absolutely on fire right now in AAA

(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /

The experts say and fans will agree that the Chicago White Sox do not have a very deep and talented pool of players available in the minor leagues. There is a little bit of talent, especially at the upper levels of the organization, but the organization as a whole lacks depth.

The White Sox do have a few talented guys that should develop into something special in the future. Not all of them are going to make it to the Major Leagues but a few of them will and will make up the future winning White Sox teams.

There is one player in particular who is catching the eye of White Sox fans and just might have a future in MLB. That player is Yolbert Sanchez. Sanchez, who is currently a second baseman for the White Sox AAA Charlotte Knights, has been having a decent season in the Minors so far and is growing into a prospect that the White Sox may utilize.

Numbers are big in baseball and when it comes to statistics, the stats tell a story. Sanchez is slashing .368/.476/.867. He has 11 RBIs and has 11 runs of his own. He has no home runs but has hit the ball 32 times in 87 plate appearances. Sanchez has not stolen any bases yet this year.

Yolbert Sanchez may or may not play for the Chicago White Sox one day.

His journey to the White Sox might follow the route that several others in the organization have followed. He was signed as an international free agent in July of 2019.

From there, he went to the White Sox Arizona Fall League working his way up from there to the Winston-Salem Dash and then to the Birmingham Barons. Following that, he moved on to AAA Charlotte where he’s at now.

While Sanchez may not be that productive when it comes to stealing bases and hitting home runs, he does have some tools that the White Sox may find valuable when and if they ever call him up.

The Cuban-born Sanchez has won a couple of awards in the minors thanks to his hitting ability. The former shortstop has proven himself as a second baseman and could be someone that Sox look at as a future at that spot.

There is no doubt that Sanchez’s bat would be welcome in the future Sox lineup. With his ability to seemingly hit anything and everything, he would be a valuable player to have especially with the struggles the offense has had lately.

Don’t look for Sanchez to be heading up to Chicago from Charlotte anytime soon. Right now, the White Sox are utilizing a fully capable Josh Harrison, along with Danny Mendick (recently called up in place of Andrew Vaughn) and Leury Garcia to cover second base.

These guys are going to keep Sanchez in the minors for now at least until something happens and Sanchez gets called up in an emergency. Is Sanchez going to be a part of the White Sox some time down the road? If he keeps hitting like he is in the Minor Leagues, he’s sure to get his shot.

Look for him to become someone that the Sox look towards as a second base prospect. They have Harrison signed to just a one-year deal right now so if they decide to not bring him back it’s likely that Sanchez could be in the fold for second base next year.

If you haven’t seen him play, watch some videos of him taking it to AAA opponents. He’s a very good batter. For now, however, he will remain relegated to AAA where he can continue to showcase his skills before eventually getting called up to the Major Leagues.

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