The Chicago White Sox must cut down on the errors now

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

If Monday night’s game against the Cleveland Guardians is any indication, the Chicago White Sox has some defensive issues costing them games. The game was a stunning example of futility at its finest when it came to playing defensive baseball.

From Gavin Sheets’ dropped ball to start to the very last whiff, the White Sox played some horrible baseball and they lost because of it.

In that game alone, the Sox committed four errors. On the season, they have committed a total of 26 errors. Shortstop Tim Anderson is guilty of having nine errors alone.

Something has to give. The White Sox need to work on their fielding or they need to start finding players that can field the ball as well as hit. The White Sox will not win that many games as long as their defense is playing like it is.

The Chicago White Sox need to cut down on their defensive mistakes soon.

It’s no surprise that the Sox are ranked at the bottom of the American League when it comes to making errors. The defensive breakdowns have to end and the way they can make this work is to work together as a team with each player playing with their head on straight and concentrating on what’s ahead of them.

It’s hard to tell why the White Sox are committing so many errors. Perhaps they don’t have their head in the game and are not thinking about what’s happening on the field. Perhaps they are out of sync with each other but they are making some foolish and miscalculated mistakes and it’s hurting them.

This team needs to clean up their error-prone ways to help them keep on a winning track. They need everyone to work together to eliminate the errors and not cause collapses like we saw Monday night.

You heard it here first, the Chicago White Sox are not going to make it to the postseason if they continue to play like they did Monday night. And no, it wasn’t just one game, they have struggled with clean and crisp fielding in other games also. It’s become a habit and one that’s going to cost them dearly.

I would look for the Sox to work hard on trying to clean up this poor fielding they have experienced and then play much better over the course of the next few weeks. This next stretch of games is going to be critical.

With games against the red-hot New York Yankees coming up, the White Sox are going to need every break they can get. If they can’t field the ball properly, they are going to suffer many losses and miss the playoffs.

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