Gavin Sheets is all of the sudden looking like himself again

(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
(Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

Gavin Sheets and the Chicago White Sox have both been having their ups and downs. From his sterling effort in the last few games to his horrid error that contributed to a loss by the White Sox against the Cleveland Guardians, he’s had his moments.

Thanks to Sheets’ ability to hit the long ball, the White Sox earned a victory on Tuesday night against the Guardians. On Monday night, he contributed a home run to what was thought to be a lofty and “too much to overcome” lead versus the Guardians but they overcame it anyway and won. The third game of the White Sox versus Guardians series was postponed due to Covid.

Looking at Sheets’ stats, he is slashing .213/.263/.623. He has been to bat 75 times, has 16 hits, and has driven in 8 runs while he has crossed the plate six times himself. He has three home runs and two of them have come in the last two games.

Sheets has been a little hot and a little cold this year but everyone is hoping that he will pick things up and perform much better than he has. He is still young and needs to gain some continued experience in the big leagues to become an effective hitter.

The Chicago White Sox are hoping to get a lot out of Gavin Sheets this year.

One of the nicest aspects of Sheets is his ability to play multiple positions on defense. He’s played right field, left field, and first base which really helps out the team’s flexibility with its players.

There are times when he steps into the role of a designated hitter as well and that’s a benefit to the White Sox. Being flexible will help Sheets stay on the roster for a long time, even though the White Sox probably eventually want to have outfielders in the outfield and infielders in the infield.

Sheets may end up being a replacement for Jose Abreu at first base (although some say that Andrew Vaughn is the one that will have the honor of replacing Abreu when he retires). He could also take an outfield spot over should things not work out with AJ Pollock.

The White Sox must like what they have in Sheets. The potential, the flexibility, and the power that he provides are all things that the Sox can use more of and can use to their advantage. As long as Sheets stays healthy, which he seems to have no issues with, he should have a productive season and blossom into a good player for Chicago in the future.

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