3 amazing options to replace Tony La Russa as White Sox manager

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Chicago White Sox, Ozzie Guillen
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3. Ozzie Guillen

The Chicago White Sox would look a lot better with Ozzie Guillen in the dugout.

The Chicago White Sox had such great times with Ozzie Guillen. No manager in team history ever had more success and got more out of his guys than him. It was incredible to watch for such a long time. It was so clear that he was perfect for this team.

Honestly, he is one of the best coaches in Chicago sports history. His career is highlighted by the 2005 season where he managed this team to a World Series championship. It was the greatest year in franchise history and he was one of the biggest reasons why.

When he was the manager, he constructed the lineup and used the pitching staff in such a way that helped them get what they needed at the proper time. It seemed like the right person was always in the right place at the right time when he was the manager.

It doesn’t sound like he will ever be the manager of this team again because of relationship strains but that shouldn’t matter. He would be so perfect for the role and it is amazing to think about him coaching this team with the players on the current roster.

Tony La Russa getting fired at all is highly unlikely but it is fair to dream. Everyone wants to see this team maximize their talent and it doesn’t seem like it is possible with things going the way that they are right now. Hopefully, things change one way or another.

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