The White Sox lost a significant piece in Wednesday’s win over Red Sox

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox won a big game on Wednesday night against a red-hot Boston Red Sox team that was 10-3 in their last 13 games. Lucas Giolito, Jake Burger, and Jose Abreu all had different moments that led to the huge 3-1 win. 

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all good for the White Sox by the time the game was put in the win column. They lost Joe Kelly to what looked like a hamstring injury during the eighth inning as he was going for the hold.

Kelly got the first two outs of the 8th but was forced to come out after this issue. As a result, Liam Hendriks had to come in one inning early. He had to go through his entire warm-up on the mound instead of in the bullpen which is something that he isn’t used to at all.

He did manage to get all four outs. The first out and last of the 8th inning came rather quickly but he had to work for it in the ninth as the go-ahead run did come up to the plate. No harm, no foul though because he got through it and the White Sox win. 

The Chicago White Sox just needs Joe Kelly back healthy in time for the playoffs.

Now the focus goes back to Kelly who the White Sox desperately needs for the long haul. They announced before the game was over that he left with left hamstring tightness and that he will be re-evaluated in the morning.

After the way that it looked, it is hard to see him having anything less than a 10-day stint in the IL. It is a shame too because he was just starting to get his mojo back after returning from his first injury that delayed the start of his season.

Joe Kelly is an incredible relief pitcher that can bring so much to a team. Not only is he incredibly talented, but he is also a proven winner. He has won the World Series with both the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers. The White Sox needs that level of experience.

It would be nice for the injury bug to finally be nice to the White Sox and not make this as bad as it looked but it is hard to see. It is also not the biggest deal because the White Sox pitching has been mostly good this season so getting him to 100 percent should be the focus.

The White Sox have their series finale against the Red Sox today and it will decide the winner of this series. Hopefully, they are able to take the series after that debacle of a game one and a very tight game two a day later. It would be nice to see Joe Kelly back as soon as possible too.

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