3 wild Chicago White Sox trades to make with the Chicago Cubs

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Chicago White Sox, Christopher Morel
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The Chicago White Sox could try to land a 2nd baseman from the Chicago Cubs.

The Chicago White Sox desperately needs a spark offensively from the second base position. The reason that they are in this predicament with that position is because of the fact that they traded Nick Madrigal to the Chicago Cubs last summer for Craig Kimbrel.

Now, Madrigal (when healthy) is their second baseman. They also have Nico Hoerner at shortstop which blocks Christopher Morel from playing there when the team is healthy. They might think about shipping him off for some other prospects if they don’t want to keep him in the outfield.

Morel is off to a hot start during his MLB call up but he is still just their 21st overall prospect. The Cubs might want to take advantage of his success by moving him for other prospects that play positions of need. For the White Sox, he would be worth taking a chance on at second base.

Jonathan Stiever and Jimmy Lambert are both top-20 White Sox prospects that are hoping to eventually pitch in Major League Baseball full-time. They are almost certainly never going to stick with the White Sox so the Cubs might take a chance as developing pitching has been an issue for them. It is certainly something to consider.

It might be a while before we see these teams make a deal again but it also might not take that long. These are certainly some trades to consider where both sides can get something that they need.

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