Tony La Russa’s bad lineups get the results they deserve

(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Vesely/Getty Images) /

The Chicago White Sox went into this afternoon’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays with another different lineup. Manager Tony La Russa has not used the same lineup in any two games so far this season and it’s causing some problems for the Sox.

It doesn’t appear that this wizardry that La Russa is using is doing the team any good. They are below .500 and their offense is one of the worst in the league.

In Thursday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, La Russa sported a lineup that had Reese McGuire as the designated hitter, Leury Garcia leading off, and Josh Harrison at the ninth position. The White Sox lost to the Blue Jays 8 to 3 with this horrid lineup.

They couldn’t get any scoring going until the 8th inning, showing just how futile the lineup is. This pretty much kept them out of the game and prevented them from keeping pace with the Blue Jays. It wasn’t a great performance by any means.

Tony La Russa is really making things hard for the Chicago White Sox right now.

The lineup changes are hurting the White Sox. They aren’t allowing their players to get comfortable in any one spot for a period of time.

The constant moving around proves that La Russa is not confident in any lineup that he has put forth and he’s trying to find the right combination. But it doesn’t appear that he is having much success.

Injuries haven’t helped La Russa’s effort out either but even when his best batters get back into the lineup, he’s constantly shuffling them around looking for that right combination to work.

Today’s combination may be one of the worst that’s been put out there by La Russa despite the fact they were able to put up three runs. They just couldn’t keep pace with a Blue Jays offense that was on fire late in the game and the series.

It would behoove La Russa and the White Sox to put up one lineup and stick with it no matter what happens win or lose. Give the lineup time to settle and see what happens. He might be surprised at what his players are able to do with some stability and continuity.

There hasn’t been a case where constant lineup shuffling has worked and they are losing a lot of games because of it.

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