The White Sox take down the Rays for a huge series win

(Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
(Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /

The 2022 Chicago White Sox have been up and down all season. When you think they are headed for the gutter, they right the ship, win a few games and seemingly get back on track.

Then, they become derailed again, look terrible, and have fans screaming for change. There are a lot of things to like and dislike about this season.

One thing to like about the season is the series win that they just earned against the Tampa Bay Rays. They didn’t sweep them but took two out of three in close fashion and proved that this team has a little get up and go within it.

The White Sox lost to the Rays on Friday night 6-3. They beat the Rays on Saturday 3-2 and won Sunday’s game 6-5.

The Chicago White Sox won the series against a very good Tampa Bay Rays team.

There were a few different players that helped them win this series. It seems like the guys taking a back seat are Yoan Moncada and Yasmani Grandal. Instead, it was a guy named Jake Burger and a fellow by the name of Andrew Vaughn that helped lead the White Sox to two victories in three games.

Let’s not forget shortstop Danny Mendick who is filling in for one of the best players in the league in Tim Anderson. His bat and play on the field were huge in this series. They all contributed to a couple of much-needed wins for the White Sox.

Not only did these two victories allow them to capture the series versus the Rays but they also allowed them to carry some momentum into their upcoming series against the Los Angeles Dodgers at home.

They will need all the help that they can get against the Dodgers and even a bit of momentum might help them win a game or two.

The Tampa Bay Rays are a very good team and the Sox took four of six games from them this year. That should say something about the White Sox and their ability to perform against good talent. They can win and we saw it this weekend.

But can they beat the big boys like the Dodgers or even beat the Minnesota Twins who are their biggest threat at this time?

So, let’s be happy that the White Sox won a series and have some momentum. It looks like they still have some things to work on (mostly on offense) but they can be proud that they are on a two-game winning streak.

Let’s hope that they can grow this win streak, get back into contention for the AL Central lead, and outpace the Cleveland Guardians and the Minnesota Twins. If they can build on what they did this weekend, the Sox will be a true playoff contender.

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